Best of CES 2018: Mobile Trends to Change Future of Tech Society


184 279 attendees. 3 900 participants. 1 200 speakers. 150 countries. 20 categories. 4 days in the desert. This is CES 2018.

The 51st International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas assembled the best tech companies and the breakthrough innovation to share the same venue.

CES is a large scale event the results of which will to a large extent determine the high-end tech market situation throughout 2018. In spite of the fact that Umbrella company is looking forward to MWC (Mobile World Congress), CES is a significant event for the whole industry that can’t be ignored.

We live in the world of technologies where data transmission is faster than ever. And for over 8 years we’ve been following the hot trends and integrate innovative technologies into our products.

According to expectations, CES 2018 was focused on the home automation, connected and autonomous cars, wearables, AR and VR.

In spite of all the futuristic devices, gadgets and robots, Umbrella with the professional interest closely followed CES 2018 Innovation Awards in the Software and Mobile Apps category.

Annual CES Innovation Awards are designed to highlight the outstanding achievements in design and technologies. The final decision on the nomination is that of the special committee consisting of the famous engineers, designers, developers, and journalists. The committee. The evaluation criteria are user value, innovative design, quality and contribution to the quality of life.

Umbrella found out what products in Software and Mobile Apps category were chosen to be honorees and, of course, who is the winner. We figured out what apps the future belongs to and what trends will be the most profitable in 2018.



And now the moment that everyone has been waiting for: the winner of the Software and Mobile Apps categorеy – the Best of Innovation:

3D Camera HP is a unique camera which is designed to scan 3D objects, 2D documents, and make live video capture to your display.

So, without further ado, may we show you how it works:

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CES 2018 brought into sharp focus what apps are the most in demand with the modern customers and what trends are going to be dominant in the sphere of technologies in the near future.

Though CES’s focus is traditionally on the hardware (from roboducks fighting cancer to the tv display that rolls up like a poster), this year appearance of the “software and mobile development” category speaks volumes: a mobile app is an integral part of the modern society the importance of which can be underestimated neither in everyday life, nor in business.

The results of CES 2018 show that the most perspective spheres for the mobile development are:

ces en

Undoubtedly, some of these spheres are quite niche. If your company lacks the developers or you worry that you might not have a specialist with a specific technology knowledge – find a remote team of experts, hire a developer with a certain set of skill, save your time and money. Don’t stand aside, be the one who defines and shapes the future right now.


Create the future with Umbrella






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